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A Little Help from My Friends!

Hi friends,

Sometimes life feels like a race against time and the overwhelming amount of media we see everyday, which is why my request of you is a little ridiculous because it contributes to that visual frenzy, but I'm going to ask anyway!

A friend of mine, Ken Wytsma, did the most clever thing with the release of his new book, Create vs. Copy. He used a new thing called Thunderclap, which allows people who want to support someone with a Thunderclap campaign to lend their social media streams to put out one tweet/post on one specific day to get a whole lot of viral potential rolling.

If you didn't understand what I meant just then, it's ok.

Let me show you!

So far 40 people have supported by going to and added their social media streams - facebook, twitter, and/or tumblr. And those 40 people add up to 82,870 people that it will reach! But, here is the catch: The post won't go out if I don't hit 100 supporters, so please support!

That's it. That's all I'm asking. Add your social media streams to my thunderclap and you will help me expose the book to a ton of people really quickly.

Hopefully you'll consider making my thunderclap heard worldwide, because the stories of the Lord's faithfulness in this book are remarkable. They should be read. He will undoubtedly be glorified when we remember "Our God is faithful". The stories were just so good that I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to write them down for you all!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who joins my thunderclap it means the world to me! DG

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