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Articles Published

While books are my preference in writing, I do enjoy getting the opportunity to tell a good short story every now and then in the form of an article. Below is a selection of articles. 

The Story of Bek Ibrahim
A church planter and disciple maker among Muslims in Central Asia. 
The Story of E.A. Lepine
This remarkable millennial sees entrepreneurial efforts to as a way to make a difference in Honduras, and she's right! 
The Story of Nicole Sidebottom
A disciple maker that doesn't let anything hold her back. 
Published Oct, 2015 in Engage,
Denver Seminary's magazine. 
Sacred Seasons of Sorrow
The Story of Judy and Dick Amen.
An amazing woman whose legacy is continuing to bless the next generation of women studying theology. 
Published Oct, 2017 in Engage,
Denver Seminary's magazine. 
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