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All links below will take you to my publisher's site -  Armory Publishing - to buy books by DG Wynn!  Buying straight from my publisher is usually a better price, than Amazon, but please review the book on Amazon or Goodreads or on your favorite book lover's website. If you are looking for my latest articles, click over to Articles


This is not a book about how to pray, it's about what happens when we pray. Read over 45 stories of how the Lord has answered the prayers of a Denver church, CHCC, among their unreached people group, the Chantik. The Prayers of Many is a celebration of how a prayer movement has spread the Good News of Jesus to the dark corners of the world. It reminds us that prayer has the power to change the world and encourages us to be world changers.


A Plain Old Life

This charming tale of a boy on an adventure is remniscent of Shel Silverstein with its deeper meaning, but D.G. Wynn takes it one step further by combining traditional sketches with photography to create a wonderfully creative and uniquely original illustrated children's picture book. Join Joshua on his quest through the Plains to the Forest Kingdom. 

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