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Hi there. I'm D.G. Wynn, author of nonfiction books, articles, and resources,  as well as children's picture books. 

About Me



Renaissance woman is a fitting title because I don't fit into any one box very easily. I'm an artist, writer, professor, speaker, consultant, volunteer, traveler, amateur inventor, explorer, entrepreneur, and family person.

I'm blessed to be a part of the Words for the Journey Christian Writers’ Guild as well as the Writers on the Rock writer's group. 


  • Anything to do with missions and global evangelism

  • Adventures

  • Traveling

  • Anything to do with spies

  • All things Jane Austen

  • My family

  • Baking

  • Seeing beautiful sights

  • Experiencing new cultures

  • Traveling (because I love it enough to list it twice)


DG Wynn is an inspiring national speaker who draws from her experience as a missionary, professor, and author to rally audiences with a vision for how they can contribute to the Great Commission by either going across the world or across the street.


She was a field missionary with CRM (Church Resource Ministries) and worked side-by-side with Navigators in Glasgow, Scotland. Since her return from the field she’s been a passionate missions advocate working in the local church and missions community of Denver, CO. 
She is particularly passionate about prayer, prayer movements, corporate prayer, and practical evangelism.


DG writes and edits for a variety of Christian publications and organizations. She also owns Armory Publishing, an independent publishing house, where she hopes to "publish HIS name to the ends of the earth" through powerful narrative nonfiction. 


She’s been involved in short and long-term missions for almost 20 years and is a staunch advocate of church-wide prayer being key to prosperous ministry locally and internationally. DG partnered with Cherry Hills Community Church and their outreach department to help tell the story of the work they’ve done among an unreached people group in her 2016 book “The Prayers of Many.”


In addition to promoting missions and prayer through her writing, she is a national speaker with the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement organization and speaks regularly at MOPS groups, conferences, and various churches around the country and the world.



DG loves to “workshop” her speeches. Ideally, she speaks first and then faciltates a time for the audience to work in groups on the ideas presented so they can leave the workshop with some of the initial steps for action in hand. 


Practical(ly) Evangelism - A practical & tactical workshop on how to spread the Good News in a real way.     


Roll Playing - How your piece of the puzzle fits God’s big picture.

Pray Hard - Starting a Prayer Movement.


*I have spoken in front of crowds of thousands, but am just as comfortable speaking to your church group, MOPS group, or staff. Requests for a specific theme or topic for your event are welcome, just ask!




The Story of a Chuch On Mission


Read 45 stories of how the Lord answered the prayers of a church determined to share the Good News with an unreached people group a world away.

"DG Wynn was a fabulous speaker for our MOPS meeting. She shared on evangelism in a realistic and fun way. We were laughing, but also received her message that anyone can do this and we don't need to be afraid. She shared easy ways to let others know you are a Christian without making them run in fear of a lecture on faith in Jesus."


- Debbie Newton, MOPS Mentor at Cherry Hills Community Church


"Denise is an excellent communicator. She's poised and passionate and holds even the attention of our millennials with her personal

stories and great sense of humor.”


- Yvonne Beil, Young Adult Director at South Fellowship Church

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