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Come Party with Me!

Every climber celebrates at the summit.

Completing and publishing this, my first book, is my Everest.

All the other books to come will be but joyful iterations of this first feat.

I look forward to my Kilimanjaro , my Machu Picchu, my K2, but none of them will be my first epic adventure in writing.

If you are in the Pasadena area on April 23rd, please come join me to celebrate the west coast release of my first book: "The Prayers of Many: The Story of a Church On Mission".

The Prayers of Many

THE PRAYERS OF MANY: The Story of a Church On Mission, is not a book about how to pray. It's a book about what happens when we pray.

In it, over 45 stories of how the Lord has answered the prayers of a Denver church among their unreached people group are shared in vivid detail. The Prayers of Many is a celebration of how amazing transformation happens when an ordinary church—a community of faith—prays and obeys the call of God to reach out to a highly resistant people group.

It reminds us that prayer has the power to change the world and encourages us to be world changers with it.


  • Honest stories about the ups and downs of adopting a people group in a very difficult field.

  • 45 stories from the mission field that answer specific prayers prayed by the church.

  • 37 infographics to visually express the victories of collaboration over 25 years.

THE PARTY is sponsored by Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, a ministry of the US Center for World Mission (newly renamed Frontier Ventures), who is a great partner in the work of training and mobilizing believers from all backgrounds to embrace and fulfill their part of the Great Commission. Likewise, the party is sponsored by my publisher, Armory Press, an imprint of Armory Publishing Group.

The Party will at "The Venture Center" just inside the main doors at: 1605 E. Elizabeth St, Pasadena, CA 91104.

IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE PARTY, buy the book now from Armory Press for 30% off before the official release on May 1st!

Otherwise, I'll see you there!

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