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Understanding the Book Industry Lingo

I've been neck deep in the book business for a handful of years now, not just a hobbist, but a honest-to-goodness full-out pursuit of understanding how to write well, how to publish books well, and how to sell the dang things once they are published!

Even after the thousands of hours of dedicated research and practice, I still find that I run across words and terms in the book industry that I just don't know.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but it is incredibly helpful and provided the good people from IngramSpark -

INGRAMSPARK GLOSSARY details the definitions for all of the following!

Agency price, Bar Code, Content, Contributors, Copyright, Description, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Direct Store Programs,

Distributor, Download, E-retailer (Online Retailer), Edition, Electronic Book/e-book, EPUB (.epub), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Fulfillment, Imprint, ISBN (International Standard Book Number), .JPG or .JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), Keywords, Market (Channel), Metadata, Offset Printing, ONIX, On Sale Date, Page count, PDF (.pdf), Print on Demand (POD), Publication Date, Publisher, Reprint, Retailer, Returns, Non-Returnable, Yes-Deliver, Returns to US addresses, Returns to non-US/international addresses, Yes-Destroy, Status, Subject, Suggested Retail Price, Territory Right, Title, Trade, Trade Discount, Trading Terms (aka Publisher Discount), Wholesaler.

Let me know if there are other terms you are curious about and I'll keep growing this list.

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