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Prayer Fridays - I'll Pray For You

"I have an idea..."

Those words start countless of my conversations. I'm not short on ideas. I do, however, tend to be short on discipline in many areas in life. And yet, I am a woman of prayer. That is one thing that I do do (hello Chandler do...).

A friend asked me today to pray that the Lord would put a song in her heart again. She's not Mary Poppins or Sister Sophia of the Sound of Music (no offence Julie Andrews, I love you dearly, but most of us don't live in musicals...though I try to periodically and receive strange stares). This friend is a life long musician.

To hear her make this request was heartrending because I know the pain of being without my creativity. It is particularly painful when engaging in your creativity is your primary source of connection to the Creator. It is a double whammy in making you feel adrift in an already challenge-filled life.

This friend's request is just one of a short list that I got today and I realized it was Friday. I used to pray every single Friday, exclusively for others, as a way to temper my neediness before the Lord by actively remembering others in prayer on Fridays.

Not sure why I stopped, but I thought, "Today is a great day to start Prayer Fridays again."

What this means to you, dear reader, is that if you email (here on the site) or tweet me @DG_Wynn I will actually put your name in my Prayer Fridays book and pray for you. I'm not promising I'll pray for exactly what you're asking for--i.e. not everyone can win the lottery--but I will pray for whatever the Lord lays on my heart regarding your prayer, e.g. wisdom with finances, a solution to your problem, peace that the Lord will provide, etc.

What you can count on is that I will pray, for you, likely more than once.

While I offer this prayer with no strings attached, I'd also like to challenge/encourage you if you feel the prompting to pray more regularly to join me. Fridays work for me, but pick your day. I believe corporate prayer, especially prayer on behalf of others and specifically the lost, has power. And every Friday, along with individual prayers for you all and friends, I'm going to be praying for the salvation of the lost around the world. I'll probably pick a continent and focus that way in a rotation so that everyone gets a turn (even Antartica people, there are scientists down there!).

So, let me know if you need prayer. Seriously. It's what I do do. :)


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