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You Know You are Obsessed with Mexican Food when...

You make a taco run at 10:30 in the morning.

  • You stare blankly and with a hint of confusion at people who question your mid-morning taco run.

  • You lament at length to anyone who will even half listen to how offended you are when people suggest that TexMex is "good" Mexican food.

  • You ask, to the embarassment of those you are with, if the taco shells are hand fried at every Mexican restaurant you go to and can't hide your disgust and disappointment when they answer in the negative.

  • You judge Mexican restaurants that charge for bowls of chips and salsa and possibly cough-shout the word "frauds" as you pay the bill begrudgingly.

  • When you meet anyone else from Southern California you great each other as if you are old friends and within seconds comiserate over the horrible quality of Mexican food outside of Southern California, Arizona, or parts of Southern Texas.

  • You all but shriek-giggle your thanks and approval to the employee who tells you they do hand-dip and fry their tacos.

  • You write a blog about it...

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