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It seems that you've been playing my Jane Ausen Quizzes and are looking for the answers!

I originally designed these for my mom, cousins, and aunt for our own Jane Austen adventure trip in 
the book that became titled My Austen Adventure. Enjoy and see how you did! 

Page 63 has our 2nd Austen game - Match the Character to Their Description!

The answers to this quiz are as follows and while there will be some heated debate that some descriptions may apply to two characters, as you progress and try to have answers for all the characters you'll see how in the end, there is only one right answer for each person!


Email me if you really really want to make a case for a new set of answers! 


1. Mr. Darcy - H

2. Mr. Knightley - E

3. Charles Bingley - L

4. Fanny Price - Q

5. Lady Catherine de Bourgh - S

6. Edward Ferrars - D

7. Elinor Dashwood - K

8. Marianne Dashwood - R

9. Frank Churchill - N

10. John Willoughby - C

11. Henry Tilney - U

12. Captain Wentworth - A

13. Emma Woodhouse - P

14. Elizabeth Bennet - F

15. Fanny Dashwood - i 

16. Jane Fairfax - D

17. Henry Crawford - O

18. Edmund Bertram - G

19. Jane Bennet - B

20. Mrs. Norris - M

21. Catherine Moreland - T

22. Anne Elliot - J


Austen Matching Game

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